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Infrared Contact Lenses

Recently, numbers of clients asked me if we have the infrared or UV contact lenses that can see through normal playing cards, the answer is NOPE! In a certain degree, UV contact lenses are same as the infrared contact lenses. In this article, we focus on infrared contact lenses. The infrared contact lenses are often claimed see-through infrared contact lenses, infrared marked cards contact lenses or IR poker cheating lenses in the current market. In fact, the perspective contact lenses can't be used to see through the non-marked playing cards; they only have the "see-through" function when they are used together with the infrared invisible ink potion. The infrared cheating contact lenses are the best luminous ink readers to see IR invisible ink. Different from the colorful contact lenses or transparent prescription contact lenses, infrared ray contact lenses are specialized developed for seeing luminous marked cards. The infrared filter contacts can see invisible ink is coming with a special wave band in the spectrum - infrared band. The infrared luminous ink only can be revealed by the new model infrared invisible contact lenses.