Pai Gow Analyzer System Phone

Besides poker games, Pai Gow is also a popular gambling game. It originated in ancient China and it is played with a set of 32 Chinese dominoes. Like poker games, it’s no easy to win if you don’t have great strategies and enough luck. At this time, Pai Gow analyzer system poker cheating devices can help you.

If you have ever used bar-code marked cards, you must have used poker analyzer. Like poker cards, Pai Gow also has analyzer system. Its working principles are similar with marked cards poker analyzer.

Poker hand analyzer is for bar-code marked playing cards. When it scans the bar code, it will calculate the possible winners. Pai Gow analyzer can also read bar-code Pai Gow. Bar-code Pai Gow is different from marked Pai Gow for invisible ink contact lenses. They are marked by different inks. So you can’t detect luminous marks on bar-code marked Pai Gow when you wear professional contact lenses. Only analyzer can expose their secrets. This kind of analyzer is called “Bar-code Pai Gow Analyzer”. When it reads the bar code, it will figure out the possible results within 0.5-1 second.