How is the KEM marked deck of cards?

Updated Sep. 10, 2020

kem marked cards

KEM marked deck of playing cards are always hot and popular since they are very good playing cards and popular use in many countries.

In the past, KEM playing cards are very difficult to mark for contact lenses

I have worked here in GS company to sell magic products such as marked cards contact lenses or analyzers for many years. Ever since I begin my work here 5 years ago, customers make inquiries of KEM marked cards, sometimes KEM Paisley, and always KEM Arrow sets.

We used to refuse to sell KEM cards because we couldn't mark them well at that time. KEM playing cards are made of 100% Plastic-Cellulose Acetate and it's said to be virtually impossible to mark or paint. Because of its special material and the unique back pattern, KEM cards are really much more difficult to mark with invisible ink marks than any other playing cards. At that time, some other companies were selling KEM marked cards. Some customers said they bought but got some broken or sticky cards. We met those problems at that time, that's why we didn't want to sell that KEM cards at that time.

After several months' testing and studying, our technicians got one method to prevent the KEM cards getting sticky after marking. Since it took quite long time to do that, about 2 weeks or so, to paint the KEM cards, to dry them and to mark them later, to dry the marks and so on, the price is about 200usd-250usd to mark the KEM decks for contact lenses.

Now we can mark very good KEM deck of cards with invisible ink for IR or UV lenses

As the days goes, our technicians improve the skills for marking cards and can make better and better ink, which makes the KEM playing cards to be marked better and better. With 14 years' experience in marking poker cards industry, our company, with a strong team of cards marking technicians and the advanced cards marking machine, can mark very good marked deck of KEM cards so far. Since the skills is mature and the ink are very stably good, we can spend much less time than before to mark good decks of KEM cards. They can get very good marks for the poker glasses or contact lenses to see easily clearly. Thus the price for marking KEM deck of cards is much lower now. Usually 160usd is ok for marking a set of KEM cards with invisible ink marks for infrared contacts. It's still a little more expensive than marking some other cards, that's because the KEM cards are more expensive to buy.

Welcome to buy any kind of KEM marked cards with analyzer or lenses to dominate your games!

Also the KEM playing cards, including the Paisley or Arrow or some other models, can be marked well with barcode marks for poker phone analyzer to report users best hands in advanced. It is a very good choice with bigger budget for a set of poker analyzer for enjoy the games for those who feel marked cards contact lenses are common.

To all the KEM cards users, we must note that, even the marking skills are quite good now, the KEM playing cards themselves are easy to break, especially those old decks or new decks without plastic packs in the air for some days, they might become cracked. Thus it's important to ask it clear that if the cards clean or marked are still in good condition before making an order!

And if to buy our KEM marked cards, please tell us the size and index of your KEM cards clearly or show us your pictures of the face, so as to make it sure that we can mark the same KEM decks for you! Just feel free to contact for more if you have any interest in knowing or getting any KEM marked cards!