Air-Conditioning Infrared Poker Camera

Air-conditioning is an ordinary thing that we can see everywhere in our daily life. Especially in the place with lot of people like casino, poker houses, and mall, air-conditioning can be converted into casino cheating devices. In the above places I mentioned, there is another function that a number of poker players should pay a close attention to. That is it can be an air-conditioning infrared poker camera after professional procession. Within the scanning distance about 1-5m, both of invisible ink marked deck and IR playing cards can be viewed by air-conditioning infrared poker camera. Poker player can see the all of cards by watching the monitor. And the other poker player will make a big/small blind or fold in term of what his partner said. Yes, team work is required. You can hear your partner by a mini earphone. And compared with other poker cheating devices, it is much safer and faster. With the great help of it, you and your partner can totally control the whole game. Last but not least, as long as you make a good use of air-conditioning infrared poker camera, your profit will be maximized.