Fournier Cheating Marked Deck

If you often play poker game, you must have heard the Fournier brand playing cards. Liker Bee poker cards, Fournier playing cards are also favored by many casinos all over the world, especially in Europe. And WPT, EPT and WSOP have all applied Fournier poker in their seasons.

Poker players like applying marked cards in poker gambling because it can greatly increase their winning odds. Fournier marked deck is one of popular product in the marked cards market. Because of their popularity, we process Fournier playing cards with invisible ink. We can mark Fournier cards with 4 main ways. When you purchase, we will recommend the suitable marking ways for you. You can also design your own luminous marks and then we customize cards for you. If you keep them in seal boxes properly, the luminous marks can maintain for 1-2 years. Even when the marks fade, the Fournier marked playing cards can be still used as ordinary playing cards.