Marked Cards

invisible ink marked cards

What do you know about marked playing cards? Are they just poker cards with markings? Absolutely no.

A professional marking way with correct invisible ink will not change the color and smell of playing cards. And the markings will be clear and lasting.

GS marked cards are a famous marked cards brand. No matter marking the invisible ink marked decks, luminous marked cards, luminous ink kit for marking cards.

Luminous ink contact lenses used with marked deck of cards, better than infrared contact lenses.

barcode marking poker cards

Barcode marked cards are classified into scanner barcode marked cards and camera barcode marked decks.

Scanner barcode poker is machine made with special invisible ink. No matter using with marked cards contact lens or IR camera, you see nothing.

The biggest different of these two kind of barcode cards is that scanner barcode poker can tell you the winners directly while the camera barcode cards are not.

The barcode make with card marking ink, but infrared contact lenses and marked playing cards with glasses can not check mark, is good texas holdem cheats.

far ir distance undetectable marking poker cards

The juice infrared marked deck is a newly developed invisible ink marked playing cards. The secret marks on the reverse of the infrared marked deck only reveals itself under the IR playing cards camera, which differs in nature from the contact lenses marked cards that can be detected by invisible ink contact lenses, UV luminous ink glasses or barcode card scanning camera.

Both the markings on infrared marked deck cards and contact lenses marked playing cards are coated on the backs.

When invisible ink for playing cards is used for Texas Holdem cheats, it requires the player to wear invisible ink glasses or infrared lens in the live game, while the viewer who uses infrared marked poker cards is not necessary to in the scene of the game since he can see all the cards remotely through a TV screen only.

Invisible Ink Marked Cards

The 3 sorts of marked decks we listed above can be collectively known as invisible ink marked cards, as they are all processed with the luminous ink (different ink has different natures). Maybe some friends are confused about the difference between these 3 kinds of invisible ink marked cards, which results in the consequence that they don't have enough information to decide the best choice. Below we tick off some points as the supplement of luminous ink marked poker cards information for a reference. The content will refer to the basic difference between these 3 types of magic marked cards poker: marks, working-accessories and original using purposes, for example.

Contact Lenses Marked Cards With Invisible Ink

As indicated about the marked playing cards above, marked playing cards for contact lenses will not change the exterior design and smell of the original poker cards. In effect, it just the basic element of all invisible ink marked cards.

For marked cards' marks, their designs and marking juice potion are determined by the manufactured decorative styles and limited by the luminous ink readers. The contact lenses marked cards with invisible ink need to be detected by the luminous ink contact lenses or infrared sunglasses. Therefore, the invisible ink marked cards for infrared cards lenses are printed on the reverses of these playing cards, and the fonts are big. Wearing with the infrared contact lenses and IR glasses that can see invisible ink, users can know the message they need (such as the value and suits of each piece of card) by directly read the invisible marks on the backs of the marked deck of cards.

At first, the contact lenses marked playing cards are developed for the magicians or illusionists to perform various funny and magical poker magic tricks to entertain the audience, like street magic. I bet most of you had watched the magic show on the amusement parks, circus troupes or TV shows when you were a little child. The performer can predict the poker result, what is more, no matter which card the audience selected, he can pick it up from a shuffled deck of playing cards easily. It seemed as if he could see through the cards. As a matter of fact, this not because he has magic power, but either he was practiced enough to make a false shuffle skillfully, or the playing cards he used were contact lenses marked cards with invisible ink.

Juice Invisible Ink Marked Cards With Barcode

Juice invisible ink marked cards with barcode, is equivalent to barcode marked cards poker. The marks of this juice luminous marked deck are the invisible barcode, they are marked on the 4 edges of the barcode juiced cards. Just same as the regular barcodes, they are the irregular patterns which contain the info of the corresponding card (usually the number and color). The luminous juiced barcode only can be scanned by the named playing cards scanning camera lens. The models of the poker cheat card scanner are diversified and can cater to all users' needs. The poker tricks with juice invisible ink marked cards with barcode can help performers to get hold of all the information they want.

The juice invisible ink marked cards with barcode can protect the users from their opponents' deception. Take the merits of this barcode juice marked deck of cards, a lot of poker players will work the poker hold scanner and poker analyzer device to get the information of the card and obtain the outcomes of the poker games in advance. 1 deck of invisible ink marked cards with barcode can be suitable to almost all types of playing card games, such as Texas Hold'em series, Omaha series, Blackjack, Baccarat, Pineapple, Flush, Ronda three cards game.

Infrared Invisible Ink Marked Poker Cards

The markings of the infrared invisible ink marked poker cards are similar to the juiced deck of cards for UV contact lenses. The difference is, even the IR marking cards in poker also is daubed invisible markings on their reverse sides, you can't reach any data on them with the marked playing cards contact lenses or luminous ink glasses that to see cards. The infrared invisible ink to mark this magic IR marked poker cards is developed for specified wave band of spectrum. Without the given infra-red playing cards scanning camera, no one can find their secret marks from the backsides.

With the popularity of poker card games, numbers of poker players want to get rich through playing cards games gambling, and some playing cards cheating tricks have come up, for instance, to get a favored card. Some players will try to exchange the useless cards they hold as the beneficial one which they prepare beforehand, and this can succeed in most of the time. The infrared invisible ink marked poker cards for sale in Cards Lenses can help you guard against a great number of parts of the poker card cheatings. The IR magic marked cards with luminous ink should be worked with infra-red poker scanner reader. The scanning range of the infrared poker card scanner software is large and if it is installed above the poker table, it can monitor all the infrared juiced deck poker on the poker table and transmit their image data to a background TV. Once someone is intending to change the card on the sly or use the ink to mark card in casino or poker club during the game, all these will be revealed and recorded by the infrared invisible ink marked poker cards and IR poker camera lens.

The contact lenses marked cards, invisible ink marked cards with barcode, and infrared invisible ink marked poker cards are 3 main sorts of invisible ink marked cards. Currently, they are used in both magic show and poker cheating. Please note that the playing cards cheating device on sale in Cards Lenses are only for amusement or anti-cheating purposes.

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