• luminous contact lenses and invisible ink sunglasses for marked cards
  • akk k3 poker analyzer
  • gs magic remote dice and roulette wheel set
  • luminous ink kit for marking cards

Marked Cards

invisible ink marked cards

What do you know about marked playing cards? Are they just poker cards with markings? Absolutely no.

A professional marking way with correct invisible ink will not change the color and smell of playing cards. And the markings will be clear and lasting.

GS marked cards are a famous marked cards brand. No matter marking the invisible ink marked decks, luminous marked cards, luminous ink kit for marking cards.

Luminous ink contact lenses used with marked deck of cards, better than infrared contact lenses.

barcode marking poker cards

Barcode marked cards are classified into scanner barcode marked cards and camera barcode marked decks.

Scanner barcode poker is machine made with special invisible ink. No matter using with marked cards contact lens or IR camera, you see nothing.

The biggest different of these two kind of barcode cards is that scanner barcode poker can tell you the winners directly while the camera barcode cards are not.

The barcode make with card marking ink, but infrared contact lenses and marked playing cards with glasses can not check mark, is good texas holdem cheats.

far ir distance undetectable marking poker cards

Far distance undetectable infrared ink marked cards are a new type of juice cards. It uses with long distance IR camera and omnipotent marked cards contact, not with invisible ink contact lenses, luminous glasses or normal IR camera.

With long distance IR camera, one of the biggest advantages is that you can watch more than one poker camera at the same time.

When invisible ink for playing cards is used for texas holdem cheats, it needs to cooperate with invisible ink glasses or infrared lens.