Modiano Barcode Poker Cards

Modiano is an Italian brand for playing cards that is known all over the world. Modiano cards feature superlative thickness and shape retention for crisp play and long life, as well as eye-catching colors and a unique texture unlike that of any other playing card. And there are Italian - Spanish cards, Italian - French cards, Italian - German cards in the Modiano series poker, which can meet the players' need from different areas.

Being different to the contact lenses marked cards that may be influenced by the color and paten of the back, all the Modiano playing cards can be marked well to be the barcode marked poker cards. There are two mainly kinds of barcode marked decks according to the ways to mark cards. One might keep the side of cards in the exactly same as the original ones while the other way need to rub the 4 sides a little bit. However, all the barcode marks are marked with invisible ink by special playing cards marking printer finally. The Modiano barcode cards of high quality is safe to use because people can't see any sighs or marks through naked eyes nor poker contact lenses and glasses.