How to mark the playing cards for contact lenses well?

Updated Oct. 30, 2020

With the poker games' popular word widely, the playing cards and the related products are widely use. To some degree, the marked poker cards is a well known secret that can work well for winning the games. They work with special contact lenses or infrared sunglasses for cheating in the poker games, or magic shows.

How can we mark poker cards?

This is the first question that most people ask when thinking of the marked playing cards. Some ask if they can buy some ink and mark the cards with ink on the finger during a game. Some ask if they can buy a powerful pen with invisible ink so that they can mark any playing cards that they want to. There are some ways that people can try marking the poker cards, such as writing signs or scratch or shaving marks. It can meet some friends' basic need for trying for fun.

"I wish to mark all cards not only one. Everyone with which is play, in case the cards are changed."

These are the basic points that some people may think if they don't know the marked cards so well. We hope that we can mark our own cards, in a cheap and convenient way, without others knowing it.

marking cards with invisible ink pen marking playing cards deck

In fact, invisible ink marked cards is like a double-edged sword, it can bring you great fun or pressure if you use it well while it takes great harm if others detect the marks or cheating. As far as I'm concerned, the safety is the most important. For marking cards or other products, just let the Professional things be done by professional person.

How to mark the playing cards well?

The best marked decks of playing cards are always marked by the advanced machine. It's the result of the high skills and technology. There're some steps for marking poker cards with the cards marking machine.

Firstly, the cards are stuck one by one on a board to paint with some paints deck by deck. This is to make the cards easily to mark with invisible ink.

Secondly, collect all the cards deck by deck after drying the first paint and get ready for the marks.

Thirdly, testing the different kinds of ink to make one suitable the certain kind of cards mostly. This is the most important and most difficult step in marking the cards. It's the key part that only the professional technicians can do.

Fourthly, spread out the cards piece by piece for marking through the machine with the right marking model.

Last but not the least, detect the marks, collect the cards and repack them as the original new decks.

If anything wrong, then test the ink and trying everything again.

It seems to be quite easy while reading step by step. In fact, it's much more difficult for quite seldom people are so professional. And for the high quality marked decks, we need to make sure that the marks can't be seen with naked eyes, and people can see the marks clearly with the contact lenses or glasses, and the cards need to be clean and look the same as the new clean decks.

Here in our company, only two technicians can test the ink and mark cards, and another two for repacking the cards. Even with the most advanced machine and ink, I can't mark the cards myself. (ok, I am just here to communicate with you in English for the technicians don't know English and can't sell the cards.)

Here we talk about marking the cards with invisible ink marks for contact lenses to see only, for those for poker analyzer, they are different and mark with different machine as well. Welcome to contact if for more information.