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Items:Loaded dice

Variants:Cube, Polyhedral, D6, D20
Color:White & Transparent & Red
Size:10mm - 18mm
Weighted Numbers:Customized
Application:Dice Games & Magic Shows
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Players always hope to get the expected point during a dice game, such as 6+6, but how can they do that? How to always roll a 6 on the dice? You need to buy the professional loaded dice to achieve it!

Good luck may sometimes help, while much more times come with bad luck. Professional loaded dice can help the players to get the particular points to the most degree. They come with trick numbers and are weighted to increase the probability of certain outcomes.

Loaded Dice Set for Sale

Here, we would like to introduce the most professional loaded dice to you. There are variable high-quality loaded dice for sale in our factory, such as 7-11 casino custom loaded dice, loaded Bicycle trick dice, Las Vegas transparent weighted dice, loaded polyhedral dice, best loaded D20 dice and so much more. Please feel free to contact us for a selection of loaded dice sets.

D6 and D20 loaded dice set for sale

How Do Loaded Dice Work?

How are professional loaded dice made? Our technical loaded dice are taken from each of the two high-quality dice and reconstituted into a die of equal size with the two original dice. These loaded dice can land in a specific direction to allow the user to achieve their desired outcome. The dice are made by adding a little something to the number, which is in the opposite position to the specific number, to increase the weight of this dot's side, so that in the game, due to gravity, the side with the added weight will face down and the specific number that the user wants will face up, thus achieving the purpose of making the occurrence of the specific number in the game increase. For example, if the owner wants the dot 3 to appear more frequently, we will add something on the 4 side, the opposite side of 3 side, and then the 3 side will show up more frequently during the rolling.

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Custom Weighted Dice

Weighted dice are also known as loaded dice, gravity dice as well as fixed number dice. The weighted dice can be customized to your needs. We can make dice with only 1 specific number, or 2 or 3 specific trick numbers. 2 or 3 numbers dice can make different numbers appear with the same chance, reducing the risk of being suspected for repeatedly throwing only 1 number. But provided that these numbers are adjacent on the dice and not opposite to each other, such as 13, 12, 56, 123, 456, and only the two numbers 3 and 4 are not allowed to make because they are opposites, 256 is also not allowed to do because 2 and 5 are also opposites, and similarly, as long as it contains 16, 25 is also not allowed.

dice flat template for custom loaded dice

Worried About Being Found with Loaded Dice?

Do not worry! The professional loaded dice have the same exterior design as regular casino dice. We just change little things of the dice, and will not change the original look, size and weight of the dice. As mentioned earlier, we take a part from each of the two dice, process the two parts, and then use special means to combine the two parts after processing. But please rest assured that it is absolutely impossible to see the stitching from the outside.

high quality loadeed dice for sale

While purchasing or customizing our dice, we recommend that you get some matching regular clean dice to play sometimes. After all, if you always throw the same number of points, you will attract the attention of other players and be doubted.

We are confident that you will have a satisfactory gaming experience after using our products!

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