AKK A2 poker cards analyzer for gamble cheating

AKK A2 scanner analyzer
AKK A2 scanner analyzer AKK A2 poker cards analyzerAKK A2 winner analyzer for cheating

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Items:AKK poker winner system



Material: Plastic and metal

Scanning Distance:20-30cm, 30-40cm 

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Delivery Time:3-5 business days 

Application:Poker Games & Blackjack Games & Magic Shows

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AKK A2 poker hand analyzer for cheating is the best-selling product. This poker analyzer is used by poker enthusiasts in Omaha games, Texas Hold'em, blackjack or other famous casino games. Like other analyzers, it can set the type of game, the number of players, the order of cards, the type of information broadcast, and then receive and analyze signals to draw important conclusions. However, the AKK A2 poker hand analyzer will have advantages over others.

What's the features and advantages of AKK A2 poker card analyzer?

Firstly, the AKK A2 analyzer is stylish and novel in appearance. It is based on the famous Chinese mobile phone HUAWEI. It is small in size, light in weight, and easy to carry. At the same time, its basic functions are the same as other smart mobile phones, which can make calls, send text messages, surf the Internet, and so on.

Secondly, compared with other brand analyzers, the AKK new analyzer image processing capabilities are more excellent. It can recognize the invisible markings on a moving deck of   playing cards. Even if the cards are folded, it can read the information of the blurred image. This helps to make the whole process working in high speed and accuracy.

Thirdly, having a replaceable and rechargeable battery is one of the distinguishing features of the AKK A2 analyzer. Using it, we can always replace the battery in time to maintain a good day of gaming. This is a big advantage while compared with AKK A1 or other Iphone analyzers.

Furthermore, the built-in scanning camera has a wider scanning distance, that scanning distance is 25-45 cm, scanning width is 30 cm. The scanning speed has been improved, it can always broadcast the information you want in 0.1s, and the accuracy is 100% .

Where to buy a AKK A2 hand analyzer? Our GS company has a long history and is renowned for our high quality products. At the same time, our quotations are always more reasonable, and we are committed to producing products with good value for money. AKK A2 poker hand analyzer can bring a different experience to your game. You can contact us for more information about it.