Fournier 2100 Cheat Playing Cards with Invisible Ink Markers

fournier 2100 marked poker cards
fournier 2100 marked poker cards fournier 2100 cheat playing cardsfournier 2100 marked decks

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Items:Fournier marked deck



Material:100% plastic

Color:Red & Blue

Application:Magic tricks & Poker games

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Fournier 2100 marked cards are imported from Spain and processed with invisible ink in our company. Fournier 2100 playing cards has a special design on the face as well as the back. The Fournier 2100 poker cards can be finely processed by our experienced technicians with special machine and ink that only with our special sunglasses or infrared contact lenses, can you see the invisible marks. For the invisible markings on the back, only when you use the special glasses or contacts can you read them clearly. It is perfect for magic shows and poker games.
Usually our technicians may mark the Fournier 2100 marked cards in the following ways.
Blue cards: Big marks in the middle of the playing cards.
Red cards: Big marks in the middle or small marks in 4 corners.
With the Fournier poker vision plastic marked cards, there are hundreds of magic trick you can make. It also help you to beat your opponent.