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Poker analyzer, a poker cheating devices that tells you what to do; a poker calculator that tells you the odds you win in playing cards games; an app tells you which player will be the best winner in poker card games. What is a poker analyzer looks like? Poker analyzer is a real mobile phone, it has all the applications that a regular cell phone ought to have. However, different from the phone, poker analyzer has concealable poker odds calculator app, the app is hidden behind a secluded path which needs to be reached with a given account name and complex password.

Poker analyzer has many nicked names. If search it online, no matter in Google, Bing, Yahoo, Duckduckgo or others, you will find that there are so many long tail keywords and extended meaning of poker analyzer will be recommended, such as, poker odds calculator, poker hand analyzer, poker winner predictor. Actually, they are the same one device. Of course, to achieve the forecasting function, poker analyzer should be operated together with a deck of barcode marked cards. Once the poker analyzer device is turned on and on standby, it will trace and scan the barcode cheating poker cards to get the cards' information (poker number and poker suit) for predicting the poker game outcomes after analyzing the random poker data. A poker analyzer system can be used in diversified playing cards games, for instance, Texas Holdem 7 cards games, Omaha 9 cards games, Flush poker games. The usage of poker analyzer program slightly is various with poker game rules. Mostly, the poker hand analyzer is used in Texas Holdem and Omaha card games mostly.