The Best Iphone Poker Analyzer of 2022

Updated Oct. 19, 2022

Iphone 13 Pro Poker Analyzer - The Best Iphone Poker Analyzer of 2022

It is said poker analyzers are well-known and popular nowadays, that's because they really work well. Before introducing the best poker analyzer of 2022, Iphone scanner analyzer, we must note the following point. What is the so-called poker analyzer gambling predictor? For people who want to get such a product or get a price for it, it's important to make it clear what the amazing poker analyzer is and how good they are.

The poker scanner analyzer refers to the poker analyzer phone that has a local scanning camera inside, which makes the special analyzer phone can scan the barcode marked deck and then analyze it without a wireless scanner camera. It is an advanced device that can be used for poker or card game cheating or magic tricks. The poker analyzer is usually in the cover of a smartphone, which is very popular among most poker players and magicians as one of the best poker cheating devices.

With the Iphone developing fast these years, the Iphone poker analyzer devices are developing fast to meet users' needs. AKK has produced the latest Iphone scanner analyzer so far, while some other brands have stopped production. Many customers may ask to get the best poker analyzer. Usually, the latest Iphone scanner analyzer would be the best one, as long as it doesn't need to be the cheapest one. It is the AKK A5 analyzer that comes with the cover of the Iphone 13 Pro, thus, we can sometimes call it Iphone 13 analyzer.

What Are the Advantages of the Best Iphone Poker Analyzer?

If you can understand the following questions, then you know it.

When Does This Iphone Poker Analyzer Produce?

The Iphone 13 poker analyzer was initially produced at the end of 2021 and came into the market in 2022. Within one year, we updated it, and so the upgraded version is the best one so far and will be the latest one for the next 1 or 2 years since other brands (such as PK or LD) stopped producing any analyzers.

How Many Games Can These Analyzers Work For?

Similar to any other earlier poker analyzers, this new Iphone analyzer can work for quite a lot of poker games, including Chinese ones, Brazilian ones, and German ones, such as Texas Holdem, Omaha, Rhonda, and so on. And it can get as many as three games. So the customers can get the most valuable games according to their requirements.

How Is the Scanning Camera Lens Inside the Iphone Analyzer?

Recently all poker analyzer phones have a local scanning camera inside the phone so that they can scan the cards and analyze the data directly, as long as the cards are within their scanning distance. About 20cm - 40cm, it's the standard distance for analyzers. And the camera in this AKK analyzer can read the cards at high speed as a dynamic camera lens, which helps to make it the best Iphone analyzer so far.

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