The Best Two Iphone Poker Scanner Analyzers of 2020

Updated Aug. 31, 2020

akk a3 poker analyzer vs cvk680 iphone poker analyzer

Iphone poker scanner analyzers are the most hot sale products recently. The iPhone 11 scanner analyzer and Iphone 8 plus analyzer are the most popular ones in the year of 2020. The year 2020 is a very special year to most people and industries all over the world, when something special happens that stops something and promotes something. As for the phone analyzers in poker cheating industries, AKK and CVK develops while the PK has been stopped to produce.

The two different iPhone analyzers both work very well but with some different features

A. Are these two Iphone analyzers from the same brand?

Many customers know that our analyzers have different brands, just as the normal smart phones. Someone think that the phone brand is the brand for analyzers. In fact, it's different. The Brands of the analyzers has nothing to do with the brands for the normal phones. The phones are just the cover of the analyzers. Here analyzers go with the brand s AKK, CVK, LD, PK king and so on. These are the 4 most popular analyzers brands.

The iPhone 11 scanner analyzer and Iphone 8 plus analyzer are from different brands and so produced by different manufactures. It is the AKK A3 analyzers that comes with the cover of Iphone 11, thus we can sometimes call it Iphone 11 analyzer. And for the Iphone 8 plus, it's one of the CVK analyzers.

B. When do these Iphone analyzers go on sale?

AKK A3 phone analyzer is the latest model of AKK series analyzer that comes into the market in 2020, after the Chinese Spring Festival here. And for the CVK 680 analyzer, it comes out a little earlier, in the first of 2020. They are both new products of this year and also the hot sale items recently.

C. How many games can these analyzers work for?

Similar to any other earlier poker analyzers, the two new Iphone analyzers can work for quite a lot of poker games, including Chinese ones, Brazilian ones, Germany ones, such as Texas Holdem, Omaha, Rhonda and so on. And both the AKK Iphone and the CVK iphone analyzers can get as many as 3 games. So the customers can get the most useful games according to their own requirements.

D. What's the scanning distance from the cards to this scanner cameras in the Iphone analyzers?

Recently all the smart phone analyzers have a local scanning camera inside the phone so that they can scan the cards and analyze the data directly, as well as the cards are within their scanning distance. The CVK 680 scanner analyzer comes with the scanning camera of about 25cm-45cm. And for AKK A3 iphone analyzer, the distance that it can read the cards is about 20cm-40cm. It's a normal distance for analyzers and this AKK one can read the cards in high speed with a dynamic camera lens.

E. What is the battery time for them?

Many professional poker players care this question of battery time for phone analyzer a lot. Just like other phone analyzers, the battery time for both the CVK or AKK phone analyzer is about 2 hours or so. It's not long time for it's only a small phone battery so can't last for long time. However, it's a big advantage for AKK A3 analyzer that it can change batteries, while other Iphone analyzers can't. Thus, the users of AKK Iphone analyzers can just get extra batteries to change so as to enjoy the poker games for the whole time!