Daylight Lamp IR Camera to Scan Playing Cards

With the prevalence of marked cards, more and more people would like apply casino cheating devices at poker games. Image at the same poker, one player use contact lenses to detect his marked poker cards and the other use the same way to read his marked poker cards, can you guarantee your victory in the card game you play? I am afraid that your additional edge will be lost.

Therefore to avoid your cards being detected by others, I highly recommend you to apply IR marked poker cards and daylight lamp IR camera. The IR poker can only be detected by some special red-filtered lenses. Daylight lamp IR camera not only can detect the one-to-one IR magic playing cards, but also can read the ordinary invisible ink marked poker. In this way, it is unnecessary for you to be worried anymore. More importantly, you can change your underdog situation without any doubt. The inside mini IR camera is the core of the daylight lamp IR camera, it makes the scanning distance between daylight lamp IR camera and IR cards can be as long as 1-5m. You can control it by a remote controller. Owing it is to owe the victory in the games!