How to cheat at dominos cards games?

Updated Oct. 23, 2020

Marked dominoes sets play very important roles if the players want to cheat or trick others during the games. The popular dominoes games make the invisible marked dominoes popular as well.

As we know, dominoes have been in existence for hundreds of years, with mentions in documents from as early as 13th century China. The game is played with dominoes, which is a set of rectangular tiles. The dominoes are usually either plain or decorated on one face with two sets of spots (popularly referred to as pips) on the other. A tile’s length usually is double its width, thick enough to be able to stand on their side to entertain those who like making patterns and watching on as the dominoes fall in succession. From professional domino game competition to setting them up and then knocking them over, dominoes allow for a variety of games, as well as tests of skill and patience. And now dominoes games are popular around the world, increasing number of people take part in this game. At the same time, more and more players are looking for ways to win in the game. Some of them win by improving their skills, and some players use some cheating tools to win. In this process, choosing an effective and practical tool is extremely important. Today I want to recommend our products-- luminous marked dominoes cards set with invisible ink marks, to everyone.

What is invisible ink domino?

Invisible ink dominoes cards set here refer to the set of dominoes marked with invisible ink marks on the back or on the sides, which is invisible to people with naked eyes and only be seen when you wear infrared ink readers such as contact lenses or sunglasses.

marked domonoes cheating set with invisible ink glasses invisible ink marked dominos

The invisible ink marks can be numbers such as 1-6 on the back of domino cards or dots points being same as that in the face of domino cards. Also we can do special marks according to the customers’ requirements or mark signs on the side instead of the back of dominoes.

There are a variety of dominoes sets in use all over the world and a great number of games that can be play with them. In our company, invisible ink marked “double-six” domino set which comprising 28 tiles and luminous marked “double nine” domino set which feature 55 dominoes, one with each combination of blank, and the numbers 1-9, these two types luminous marked dominoes cards set are more popular. You can choose the suitable one.

Are the luminous marked dominoes cards set with invisible marks reliable?

Yes, for sure. The high quality marked dominoes with luminous ink marks for contact lenses if of great help and they are very reliable.

By one hand, it has high concealment, although it have been processed by the advanced machine, there is no difference between the marked dominoes and ordinary ones in appearance, since we use high quality invisible ink to mark it, and our staff are highly skilled. By the other hand, it has extremely high practicality and effectiveness. Since its use process is very simple, you only need to buy the corresponding infrared contact lenses or sunglasses after buying a deck of luminous marked dominoes cards set with invisible ink marks, then you can take advantage of it to your games or shows. With the IR or UV contact lenses, you can see the marks of every piece marked dominoes well, which helps a lot in your tricks. And what's more, others can't see any differences during the whole process, which ensure the safety of it.

Think back to when you were learning about the dominoes first time, probably you just played it on schedule. Now, think about if you used a set of marked dominoes and knew your card just by looking at the back, you can be the game master. So, really, a luminous marked domino cards set with invisible ink marks is suitable for beginners, amateur and professionals.

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Which one should you get? You can always decide it according to your own games!

How to use the marked dominoes in cheating during the games?

Here are also some tips you should pay attention to when you use invisible ink dominoes to cheat. First of all, you should pick a high quality set of invisible ink marked dominos. If you use the cheap one which the marks can be detected by our naked eyes or dark ink mark, it is to be detected by other players and caused you to be caught. Secondly, do not be too obvious, if you are on a hot streak, people will begin to ask questions and they probably will require to checking you devices. Hence, the best strategic to play is allows you to lose sometimes, this will definitely keep people from thinking you are cheating. Finally, I recommend you use infrared contact lenses to see the marks. Because compared with infrared invisible ink sunglasses, infrared contact lenses are more concealed.

In a word, making the most probable winning strategies will become simple and easy once you start taking advantages of our luminous marked dominoes cards set with invisible ink marks in the games cheating.