CCTV Cheating Infrared Poker Camera

What' s is CCTV infrared poker camera? You may have heard the infrared marked cards which are quite different invisible ink cards for infrared contact lenses. Because infrared marked cards can't read by lenses or sunglasses and it only can be scanned by infrared camera. CCTV infrared poker camera is one of type of IR casino cheating devices, but compared with other camera, it has more breakthroughs and innovations in technology. Infrared cards camera is well-known as its long distance to read marked cards and you can zoom in or zoom out the cards when it works within reliable scope. However, CCTV poker camera also achieves the effect that the lens will move with its rotation on this basis. That's means you adjust the angle of the lens through operate CCTV, then your camera will read IR marked cards more easily.