Smoke Alarm Ultimate Lens to Scan Poker

Smoke alarm ultimate poker lens was invented for the anti poker cheating. From the reading cards way, it can be divided into 2 types.

The first type is for detecting the barcode marked deck. This kind of smoke alarm scanning lens is designed for the dealer or the one who is holding the code deck. As smoke alarm normally installed on the ceilings, the scanning camera will come out from the above of the poker table. The one who hold the deck can let the scanner detect the secret code more easily.

The second type is for reading the whole playing cards on the table. We also call it smoke alarm casino cheating devices. It make the game more casual, the camera owner could be anyone (the dealer or the player) to take part of the poker game. A partner beside the monitor screen control the table.

Smoke alarm ultimate poker lens camera suits for any type of the poker game.