3D Wall Frame Photo IR Lens for Cheating Cards

3D wall frame photo IR lens is a type of casino cheating devices that uses to cheating in the poker game. The wall frame photo is a carrier to hidden the poker camera, hanged on the wall to read the card marking invisible ink marked deck. The working distance can reach to 5 meters. Of course, this IR lens is a backside marked cards camera.

This is IR lens is tiny; we can install it into to 3D wall frame photo. The wall frame is using the special material, so that the infrared camera can see through the frame and read the invisible ink marked cards, telling you the values and suites of each playing cards. There also has a distance requirement for the infrared poker camera, for example, 1-2 meters, between the camera and the marked cards. Because it is a focusing lens, so you no need to worry about you can't see the cards clearly.