Barcode Marked Cards

Besides the contact lenses marked cards which can be detected by invisible ink contact lenses, we have the barcode marked deck, which is customized for poker scanning camera and poker deck analyzer with the concealable barcode.

How to make a barcode marked deck?

Our professional technicians spray special ink on the four sides of ordinary playing cards decks with a printer, then through computer operation to make each card has a unique barcode. The information of the barcode includes the value and suit of the card, which can be detect under poker scanning lenses. Finally, we usually spray special paint on the four sides of the barcode playing cards to protect the code.

Why barcode marked cards become increasingly popular?

With the development of poker games, increasing number of players use barcode marked playing cards to enhance their winning edges in the games. Here are two main reasons about why barcode marked poker cards become more and more popular:

On one hand, compared with invisible ink marked cards which should use with infrared contact lenses, the barcode marked cards have higher technical requirement to detect it. Only using poker scanning system, can you detect the marks on the four edges of cards.

On another hand, if you use barcode marked cards with our high-end poker analyzer to scan the barcode cards' side, the accurate poker game result can be predicted within 0.5-1 seconds, not only in the game of Texas Holdem, but also the Omaha.

And what's more, all brands and models of playing cards can be processed into barcode marked playing cards. So, if you want to check the inventory of the playing cards you need or want more details about our poker cheating products, welcome to contact us.