UV marked cards contact lenses that see invisible ink

perspective contact lens
perspective contact lens uv perspective contact lens

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Items:UV contact lenses

Product Name:UV Contact Lenses
Manufacturer:GS company
Material:Silicon hydrogel
Processed Method:UV ink
Application:Reading invisible ink markings & Magical Shows
Size:9mm, 7mm, 6mm, 5mm, 4mm, 3mm
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Now many customers are worried that wearing such luminous ink contact lenses that see through playing cards will be found by others when purchasing the UV poker contact lenses that can see invisible ink for playing cards. So many customers are urgent to find a transparent UV contact lenses for playing cards cheating devices. So is there really exist this kind transparent UV invisible ink contact lenses?

Here I can clearly tell you that such infrared contact lenses for sale is nonexistent. If no ultraviolet light, it is impossible to have a perspective effect. In fact, there are many users worry about the color will be seen by others. Such a worry is completely unnecessary. When you wearing the UV contact lenses for invisible ink, your color eyeball will stay the color position of the contact lens. The color of UV invisible ink contact lens for decks with luminous ink can be lighter, only need a lighter color and it will offer a good effect.

So you need to pay attention who said they have the transparent UV contact lenses for sale are liars.