Poker Camera

barcode marked deck cards poker card reader

Barcode marked cards scanner is a tiny poker lens installed into something you need, such as smart phone, cards key, lighter and possible everything you want to hide into.

The biggest advantage of barcode juice cards scanning camera is that you can get the game results directly in a really short time, just 1 second. It is useful in Texas Holdem and Omaha game. Once you know the poker game result in advance, you could fold and raise as you like.

mini scanning camera lens hidden in blackjack shoe

Baccarat poker game camera is mainly installed in blackjack shoe. There are two kinds of blackjack shoe baccarat camera. One is for barcode marked cards and the other one is for normal playing cards.

If you use the blackjack shoe camera for barcode marked cards, you can get the game result in advance and no need to worry about the scanning distance. And if you choose the one for normal poker cards, the safety factor will be higher.

magic infrared playing cards scanner

IR camera is used to read back side infrared marked cards, especially for long distance. So, normally, the camera is installed into something on a high position, such as smoke alarm, air conditioning or daylight lamp.

There are different infrared poker cameras for you. For example, with the rotated zoom lens, you can monitor all the poker tables in room. And there also is IR lens to see undetectable infrared poker that others IR camera can not see. It also called one to one IR poker deck camera.