casino cheating devices

infrared camera daylight lamp

Casino Cheating Devices Daylight Lamp IR Camera for Gambling

In the impression of most people, the invisible ink marks on the playing cards are made by printer. Because they can see the marked cards printer for sale on the menu bar. But today, we want to give you the new impression of the invisible ink barcode marked cards. This kind of invisible ink barcode marks are made by hand. This kind of ha...
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ceiling lamp IR camera

Ceiling lamp infrared lens casino cheating devices for poker room

All the invisible marks of IR secret juiced cards are hidden on the back. So, if we want to see the covered marks with the IR camera, the position of you hidden the infrared poker camera is needed to be higher than your poker desk. It would be perfect if the camera is set above the poker desk. And this ceiling lamp is good choice for you. ...
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infrared light camera to see cheating marked cards

Smoke Alarm Infrared Lens Casino Cheating Devices for Gambling Poker

I know that in America, many places will install smoke detectors, such as home, school and some poker club. So, it is ordinary seeing smoke detectors in these places. After testing, we produced the smoke detector IR camera for cards tricks use. How does the smoke detector work? Wireless transmitter issued a wireless alarm signal, notifyi...
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cards reading blackjack shoe for baccarat game

Black plastic cards reading blackjack shoe casino cheating devices

This cards reading casino blackjack shoe uses with normal playing cards. There is a little different from others casino game cheating blackjack shoe. You need to pull down the playing cards when you want to read the cards suits and points, while others need to push up. When the poker camera inside blackjack shoe record the cards ...
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long distance barcode marking camera blackjack shoe

Blackjack shoe casino cheating devices with long scanning distance

Long scanning distance blackjack shoe is made of translucent plastic, so marked playing cards scanner can see through the box and scan the barcode playing cards. But the place to install poker cards scanner need to test. Because, if the scanning angle between this long distance marked cards camera and blackjack shoe is not suitable, the ...
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poker scanning system blackjack shoe

Scanner blackjack shoe casino cheat device for barcode poker

Nothing you can learn well in a short time, such as cards tricks in baccarat game. But here is tool to help you do well. It is scanner analyzer blackjack shoe. The playing cards scanner is hidden inside blackjack shoe. It is used to scan the luminous ink barcode marking poker. A signal transmitter is set behind, for sending monitoring im...
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translucent blackjack shoe with remote control

Remote control exchanging cards blackjack shoe casino cheat device

Our pro version remote control blackjack shoe can make your winner dream come true. This remote control blackjack shoe is used with common playing deck and it is translucent which will give other players a sense of reliable. So, how to play poker tricks with this remote control blackjack shoe? Inside the blackjack shoe, t...
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normal poker cards baccarat cheating blackjack shoe

Diamond shape mirror blackjack shoe camera for casino

You have to take risks for everything you choose to do. And the size of the risk depends on what you choose. For example, if you want to play tricks in private poker game, but you do not want to play a high risk, the transparent plastic baccarat Blackjack shoe for unprocessed playing cards is suitable for you. There is no scanning camera...
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infrared marks cards trick camera

CCTV casino cheating device camera to see invisible cards

Cradle head play a big role in taking picture. It can Control the camera Omni-directional angle to facilitate shooting at different angles. So, to maximize the range of the working distance and read the invisible ink marks, we develop this cradle head IR marked cards camera. This long distance used cradle head IR camera to see marked car...
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printed barcode marked deck camera in blackjack shoe

Printed barcode marked cards blackjack shoe

If you want to see more than ten cards at one time, this translucent blackjack shoe for handmade barcode playing cards is a good choice for you. This translucent blackjack shoe scanner is used with a special kind barcode juice cards. The barcode markings on playing cards are invisible as well, but you need to figure out the cards points ...
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