Invisible Markings Domino for UV Contact Lenses Gambling Cheat Device

marked domino for infrared contact lens
marked domino for infrared contact lens luminous invisible ink marked domino

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Items:Luminous Marking Domino

Product Name:Domiono
Material:100% Plastic
Size:Double 6 & Double 9 & Double 12
Delivery Time:2-5 Working Days
Marking:UV / IR
Application:Magic Trick / Poker Games
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There are a lot of ways to succeed. Some of these ways are a simple way, some are more complex. Generally people will choose a simple way to achieve their goals. For those who like to play Domino games, tricks luminous Domino and infrared contact lens are the most direct way for you to improve their skills in the shortest time.

Luminous invisible ink marked Domino is designed for gamers using in the entertainment games, its main function is its luminous character. Many entertainment place offer special material playing cards and Domino, if you do not use luminous contact lens to gain some useful information, you must miss many chance to win money. So wise players are often able to take full advantage of this condition.

There are many usage of  luminous marking Domino, for magical show or for cheating Domino game. It can work with the luminous sunglasses and luminous contact lens. Due to the luminous contact lens has a better concealment, it is more welcomed by players. Many poker players will not go to the poker game without any preparation, but previously prepare a special material contact and then go to the game.

Preparing a set of luminous marked Domino has already become a consensus among many players. Purchasing a special luminous contact lens will allow you to enjoy more advantage in the game. You do not need to guess the  numbers hardly to get more information about the others players, you just need to see with the back of these Domino, and you can get all information.