Poker cheating tools 007 one to one marked cards earpiece

marked cards earpiece 007
marked cards earpiece 007 infrared poker cards earpiece 007

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Items:Infrared Ink Marked Cards Earpiece

Product Name:007 Earpieces


Available Color:Black

Receiving Distance:1-2m

Application:Poker Games & Magic Shows

Life Span:Over 2 years

Supply Ability:1000 Pics a Month

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007 invisible ink poker earpiece can match every mobile phone scanning analyzer. And it uses Bluetooth to connect with signal receiver.

Why call it 007 one to one marked cards spy earpiece? Its secret is that its frequency. When it was made on factory, its frequency has been set. After connect its Bluetooth with the signal receiver, which is receiving the signal from playing cards analyzer or GS marked deck walkie-talkie, there is no other spy earpiece can get in this frequency. That is the reason why it called one to one earpiece.

007 marked poker cards earpiece has such a high security that no more worrying about secret leak.