Poker table barcode marks reader

poker table poker reader to see barcode marks
poker table poker reader to see barcode marks poker table with hidden camera to see covered marks

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Items:Perspective Playing Cards Table

Color:Blue / Green
Scanning Distance:1-2 meters, 2-3 meters
Frequency:AKK & CVK & PK
Delivery Time:3-6 Working Days
Application:Poker Trick, Magic Show, Home Playing


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If the poker table you use to playing gamble game is already installed a marked cards cheating scanner, it would be much easier to cheating in the game.

This poker table that with barcode marked deck scanner is a tradition casino poker table. The scanning camera is built into the poker table perfectly that no one can see it. Of cause we would process the poker table to make sure the scanner can read the barcode marks smoothly and successfully.

This poker table with marked cards cheating scanner is for short distance use. Its scanning distance is from 10 cm to 20 cm, 20 cm to 30 cm, 30 cm to 40 cm in length and 17 cm in width. You can choose the suitable distance according to need.  When the barcode camera scan the marks on the playing cards, it will send the scanning image to the poker winner system, and then, the poker distance will analyze the image and show you the result by wiretap earpiece.

And more over, this poker table marked deck scanner can also reader the hidden IR marks that cover under the playing cards.

Barcode marks playing cards and IR juiced marked deck, there are must have one cheating cards is suitable for you.