GS magnet earpiece poker cheating tools for infrared poker

x-ray marked cards magnet earpiece
x-ray marked cards magnet earpiece gs marked deck magnet earpiece

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Items:Infrared Ink Marked Cards Earpiece

Product Name:Magnet Earpieces



Available Color:Black

Receiving Distance:1-2m

Application:Poker Games & Magic Shows

Life Span:Over 2 years

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Magnet marking playing cards earpiece can match all the invisible ink marked cards analyzer. It no needs using battery or signal receiver.

The using secret of this magnet marked cards earpiece is magnetic field. After you put magnet earpiece into your ear, then turn on the electricity necklace, the place around it will generate a magnetic field, and once poker hand analyzer report game result or your partner inform you by poker walkie-talkie, this magnet will shake and therefore, you get your game result.

With this marking cards magnet earpiece, on one can getting the game result by using same frequency.