Marked cards lens camera battery

battery for marked cards devices
battery for marked cards devices marked luminous poker cards reader battery

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Items:Marked Playing Cards Devices Battery

Product:Marked Cards Camera Battery

Manufactuer:GS Company

Type of Poker:Barcode marked cards

Application:Any kinds of marked poker camera

Deliver Time:2-3 working days

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It's not like luminous contact lenses or marked invisible ink playing cards, every electronic playing marked cards product has its time limit. For example, when you use cigarette lighter scanning poker lens to read the invisible ink barcode markings playing cards, when you use blackjack shoe cards lens, what if their batteries are running off?

In case that you can't charge your marked cards lens scanner or barcode playing cards spy earpiece during your poker game, we now, have spare battery on sale.

If the car key poker cards lens can be used for about 6 hours, but your game time is about 10 hours, then the marked cards lens battery is a good choice for you. You can exchange its battery with an excuse of going to restroom. No one will suspect you.

It's not always less is more. Sometimes plan B can give you more chance to control things.