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Marked Playing Cards For Sale

The marked cards market has boomed over the past years, as the pioneer of marked cards' manufacturer and distributor, Cards Lenses has hammered at manufacturing the best marked playing cards for sale. Marked playing cards are used in card and mentalism effects, it allows the magicians as well as illusionists to focus their attention purely on connecting with the people they are performing to show the best activity.

There are many kinds of marked playing cards for sale, here are our top sale 3 picks. The top pick marked playing cards for sale in Cards Lenses are Copag marked poker cards, Bicycle playing cards marked deck, marked Royal playing cards Taiwan.

Copag Marked Poker Cards

Copag marked poker cards are made based on the originated Copag 100% standard cards. Copag playing cards are one of the playing cards factory giants, they have over hundreds of series poker cards in different versions for sale to different countries over the world. Just take the Copag Texas Holdem 100% plastic deck of cards as an example, there are Brazilian version Copag Texas Holdem and Belgium Copag Texas Holdem single deck playing cards for your choice. Take the popularity of the Copag deck of cards, we developed a magic invisible ink lotion to process them as magic Copag marked deck cards for sale.

Here, for instance, the Copag 1546 marked cards deck supplied by Cards Lenses have professional marks. The leading line marked cards deck in Copag brand series. As we know, there are Copag 1546 bridge cards and wide size Copag 1546 playing cards in store, but no matter which one you pick, the marked Copag marked poker cards 1546 of Cards Lenses are all on sale with the best quality markings.

In different nations, the used Copag marked poker cards are different, but take it easy, just tell us which kind of Copag marked cards deck you need, you will get the high-grade Copag marked playing cards.

Bicycle Playing Cards Marked Deck

Since 1885, Bicycle® playing card named with the bicycle storm at that time, and then it has spread by poker fans. The Bicycle standard 52-card deck, also known as French deck of cards, it is a brand of playing cards and has been manufactured by the United States Printing Company which later developed as USPCC of Cincinnati.

Bicycle playing cards marked deck is developed from standard Bicycle playing cards; it keeps the original features of the US original Bicycle cards, excellent hand feel, outstanding durability, unique Bicycle playing cards designs. Thanks to the personalized designs, the card games Bicycle poker can be marked as different types of Bicycle playing cards marked deck, they are ultimate Bicycle marked cards deck and contact lenses Bicycle marked playing cards.

The ultimate Bicycle marked deck cards can be detected by people naked eyes, some buyers will worry that if they can be found easily by others, it is NO! That is because the marks are designed on the basis of the patterns on the backs of Bicycle poker cards; a common system of ordering cards has used the consonants from the word CHASED to order the suits, these codes stand for Clubs, Hearts, Spades, and Diamonds. If you don't have aware of their existence in advance; it is almost impossible for you to discover them. For the contact lenses Bicycle marked playing cards for sale. However, you check them carefully and know there are marks on them, if lack of Cards Lenses luminous ink contact lenses or infrared ink glasses that can see ink, you can't possibly to see the marks since they are invisible to naked eyes.

Marked Royal Playing Cards Taiwan

The 100% plastic Royal playing cards Taiwan is one of the oldest brands of the plastic deck of cards on the market. Although it is manufactured in Taiwan Province of China, its excellent quality helps it receive great reputation and popularity on different countries.

The Royal washable 100% all plastic playing cards comes with red and black, for the red Royal 100% plastic playing cards, usually, we mark a big black light marks on its backside, of course, the marks are invisible but only visible under the detection of infrared contact lenses; for the black Royal brand playing cards, the invisible marks on it often showed as bright-white markings under the check of marked playing cards contact lenses.

Marked Royal playing cards review is very easy, except the mentioned invisible ink contact lenses, the marked playing cards with glasses is another ideal choice. For how to use it, just wear it as regular fashionable sunglasses in 2018, the luminous ink marks will appear automatically when it runs into the infrared ink marked poker cards sunglasses.

How To Read Marked Cards

Marked playing cards review is an important step when using, how to read marked cards? In this passage, we focus on contact lenses marked playing cards, here we will discuss how to read contact lenses marked playing cards.

As we mentioned above, the marked playing cards for sale in Cards Lenses have invisible ink marks on their backsides. They are extremely easy to be detected only if you have a pair of luminous contact lenses that can see ink or infrared luminous ink glasses for playing cards. Since there are magic infrared ink filter inside the lenses, the specialized infrared lens can help you "see through" the playing cards to know the value and suit.

Marked Playing Cards Price

Marked Playing Cards Price may be the top concerned question for most of buyers. However, there are thousands of brands of playing cards for sale in the current market, the price various with their quality and popularity.

If you ask a sales "How much is the marked playing cards you have?", I bet that he will ask you what brand of cards do you need. As for different cards, the price is different. In China, if you don't care the quality, the marked playing cards price at 10 USD each deck can be offered; but if you need the professional quality marked cards deck, the price will be range on 60 - 100 USD each deck of card.

Why Buy Marked Playing Cards From Cards Lenses

When it comes to purchasing marked playing cards, you can approach our company because the professional quality of products we developed. Why should buy marked playing cards from Cards Lenses? We devote to 100% customer satisfaction by providing the best possible service and highest integrity which deserves your trust.

As the leading entertainment products manufacturer in China, we have developed wide range entertainment kits, for instance, the marked playing cards for sale. All the products we supply are manufactured with the latest technology and professional technicians. We have always committed ourselves to developing and improving the technique to satisfy our customer's requirements and demands. In Cards Lenses, you can pick the best marked cards deck you need.

Because of the huge advantage of the marked playing cards, some people will dominate the poker game with these magic cards (that is why marked playing card also be called as poker cheating cards). However, please be aware that using the marked playing cards for sale in Cards Lenses for gambling winning intention in casino or private card game will be regarded as a crime and therefore may be punished by the law.

If you are a fan of marked playing cards or poker magic show, here we have various personalized products can meet your need, click below WhatsApp for more info right now.

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