High-quality Bicycle 808 Cheating Marked Cards with Invisible Ink Mark

Invisible ink marking Bicycle 808 marked decks
Invisible ink marking Bicycle 808 marked decks High-quality bicycle 808 cheating poker are on hot sale

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Items:Marked Bicycle cards

Available Color:red & blue
Size:poker size
Index:standard index

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Produced by the United States Playing Card Company, in 1881, Bicycle Cards became the most popular brand of playing cards in the world Rare Bicycle 808 deck with a the classic New Fan back design, the number 808 continues to be used on the Ace and Jokers provided with each and every deck.
Any playing cards can be made into cheating marked cards with invisible ink mark, however, high-quality Bicycle 808 can be most perfect one. Ideal flexibility and durability, these slick poker cards are plastic-coated. Invisible markings are printed on the obverse side of the card, they are unseen in the normal conditions. They can be revealed with the right color spectrum, so it a good prop for magicians to perform shows. In order to read them clearly in daily situation, you need some special luminous readers like UV contact lenses or sunglasses. They are disguised well, no one could find the uncommon point.
High quality Bicycle 808 cheat marked decks with invisible ink mark are perfect for collectors and card enthusiasts with collection value. The invisible ink used to make markings is known as the best cheating art in the 21st century.