Bicycle Jumbo Index Ultimate Marked Deck for Magic Trick

bicycle ultimate marked card deck
bicycle ultimate marked card deck bicycle ultimate marking cardsbicycle ultimate playing cards for sale

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Items:Marked Bicycle cards


Material:100% plastic

Color:Available in red or blue

Size:Poker size (2.5” x 3.5”)

Index:Jumbo index


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Bicycle poker cards is originally produced in USA , which is of superior quality. Made from recyclable paper, the classic bicycle playing cards with jumbo index that will give you a clear read of your hand during a competitive game.
As a professional magic trick poker manufacturer, GS company has created a Bicycle jumbo index ultimate marked deck for magic poker shows or poker cheating games. Dislike invisible ink marked poker cards, nothing unseen are added on the back of the deck. There are some decorative patterns on the back of the poker have been changed slightly instead. For example, some color can be lighten a little bit, additional stripes can be added, geometry can be altered from rectangular into square, and so on. These subtle alternation is difficult for audience to distinguish, which won't cause too much attention. Subtle changes in a particular location of the deck clearly indicate a card's point. As a result, poker players or magicians can make good use of this advantage to build their career.
Alternation on Bicycle jumbo index ultimate marked poker can be customized. You can design your own back pattern that you can read it at a glance. Or according to different color backed Bicycle (blue & red), we provide you a perfect plan to make ultimate Bicycle cards. Anyway, you deserve to have the Bicycle jumbo index trick ultimate marked deck.

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