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Poker analyzer, a poker software that tells you what to do; a poker calculator that tells you the odds you win in playing cards games; an app tells you which player will be the best winner in poker card games. What is a poker analyzer looks like? Poker analyzer is a real mobile phone, it has all the applications that a regular cell phone ought to have. However, different from the phone, poker analyzer has concealable poker odds calculator app, the app is hidden behind a secluded path which needs to be reached with a given account name and complex password.

Poker analyzer has many nicked names. If search it online, no matter in Google, Bing, Yahoo, Duckduckgo or others, you will find that there are so many long tail keywords and extended meaning of poker analyzer will be recommended, such as, poker odds calculator, poker hand analyzer, poker winner predictor. Actually, they are the same one device. Of course, to achieve the forecasting function, poker analyzer should be operated together with a deck of barcode marked cards. Once the poker analyzer device is turned on and on standby, it will trace and scan the barcode cheating poker cards to get the cards' information (poker number and poker suit) for predicting the poker game outcomes after analyzing the random poker data. A poker analyzer system can be used in diversified playing cards games, for instance, Texas Holdem 7 cards games, Omaha 9 cards games, Flush poker games. The usage of poker analyzer program slightly is various with poker game rules. Mostly, the poker hand analyzer is used in Texas Holdem and Omaha card games mostly.

Cards Lenses Poker Analyzer - Texas Holdem Probability Calculator

Texas Holdem probability calculator, a poker analyzer for Texas Holdem poker games, can analyze all kinds of game results you want. As a popular variation of the card game of poker, Texas Holdem has its special dealing order. The most common one is, the dealer deals 2 face-down cards - hole cards - to each player who participates in the game, then deals 5 face-up common cards (known as community cards) in three stages. The ranking is a series of 3 cards (known as Flop), then a single cards (named Turn or Fourth street), and a final River or "Fifth Street". Each player chooses 5 card poker hands from any combination of the 5 community cards and their 2 hold cards. The player can check, call, raise or fold during the game, the rounds of betting will take place before the flop is dealt and after each subsequent deal. The player who held out cards until the last and has the best hand will win all of the money on the pot.

When in the Texas Holdem game, it is impossible for a regular player who doesn't have any auxiliary to know who will be the winner, even the god of gambling, who also can't 100% to ensure he will make a winning bet. However, the poker analyzer - Texas Holdem 5 card poker probability calculator, can do it. Only need less than 0.5s, the card hand probability calculator will finish the whole procedure of scanning the barcode marked deck cards and calculating the final outcomes in secret and on the sly. How to know the poker game result, it is easy, the Texas Holdem poker analyzer will transmit the information to you via a mini Bluetooth earpiece.

On the basis of the accurate outcome information from the Texas Holdem probability calculator, is it very easy to know how to avoid losing a pretty penny and get the whole pot?

Cards Lenses Poker Analyzer - Poker Odds Calculator Omaha

Omaha poker game is a community card poker game similar to Texas Holdem, but in which the dealer deals 4 cards to each player and each player must select 2 of 4 hold cards they hold to make a hand combined with 3 of the 5 community cards, then to compare with others. This version Omaha also named Omaha 4 cards.

In a certain way, the poker odds calculator Omaha has a similar using method but the before you click "Start" to drive the poker odds calculator app, please make sure you adjusted the dealing method rightly, otherwise, the result will be wrong. The poker odds calculator for Omaha 9 cards can coexist in 1 poker card analyzer, and support calculating almost all the rules about different Omaha playing cards games for your choice.

The poker game rules of Omaha in different regions may have a slight difference and need to change the dealing method in different time, the poker analyzer - poker odds calculator Omaha - can meet this need, and work as the best poker tracker to tell you the real-time poker hand odds preflop.

Poker Analyzer Price

Poker analyzer is more and more popular, and for a buyer who hasn't ever bought poker analyzer, there are only 2 approaches can learn the price, one is asking someone who bought playing cards scanning system before, another is asking the supplier. Usually, the poker analyzer online is expensive than a regular phone, their price is range from 2000 USD - 4000 USD each set (includes all necessary accessories, some sellers will sell the poker analyzer in single, so the price is cheaper). What makes this gap? The price needs to be determined by taking all into consideration, like technology, service support, working performance, running efficiency.

Most of the poker analyzer which can find the probability of obtaining the given 5-card poker hand is manufactured in China factory, in order to provide excellent user experience, their poker analyzers will be manufactured as different language versions. For different versions, the price is different.

The professional quality poker analyzer with outstanding working performance, below are 2 distinctions of the noble-degree Texas Holdem & Omaha scanner system.

1. Faster running efficiency. The quality poker analyzer can complete all the analysis procedure less than 0.2s, while the regular one needs about 1s.

2. More stable working property. The top-grade poker analyzer can work for a long time without any mistake, but the regular one will make the wrong result after you using them after 4-6 hours.

There are various degrees of poker card analyzers, but as the law of market value, usually, people only can get what they pay for, and that is why the price for some poker analyzers is relatively high.

Cards Lenses Poker Analyzer For Sale

Where to buy an ideal poker analyzer? There are several suppliers of poker cheating device China, as a professional magic marked cards supplier, Cards Lenses focus on manufacturing high-end poker training software and poker range calculator, such as the AKK poker analyzer, poker analyzer iPhone, CVK poker hand analyzer, PK King poker analyzer device.

The Cards Lenses poker analyzer for sale not only gives unique products using experience, but also both of the comprehensive before-sale and after-sale customer service are supported.

How To Calculate Poker Odds With Cards Lenses Poker Analyzer

Many people ask a question - "how to calculate poker odds in the head" - on Q&A sites (Quora, Reddit, Yahoo, for example). It is a complex question because their answers will only rely on the experience but for some people, it is impossible to reach this ideal status. So Rather than calculate poker odds in your head, getting poker outcome by Cards Lenses poker analyzer may be more realistic. Followings are general steps for how to calculate poker odds with playing cards scanning systems (take Texas Hold'em 7 cards game as an example).

1. Enter the poker analyzer device with the given password and log in the game surface with the appointed account.

2. Find and select Texas Hold'em Poker game, you can read the game rule and choose the one you need.

3. Check and set the number of players, ensure it matches the real-time condition.

4. Confirm the Sound Mode is Wireless Earpiece.

5. Click the "Start" to activate the game (the analyzer can run the command in the background).

As the leader in international magic playing cards kit suppliers, Cards Lenses is known around the world. Because of the special advantages of poker analyzer, we encourage you to be aware of potential undue behavior by using the products of Cards Lenses in casino or poker club for winning money is regarded as a crime and therefore be punished by law.

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