Infrared poker contact lenses for cheating cards

professional marked cards contact lenses
professional marked cards contact lenses magic contact lens for ir tricks marked cards

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Items:Infrared contact lenses

Product Name:IR contact lenses
Manufacturer:GS company
Material:Silicon hydrogel
Size:9mm, 7mm, 6mm, 5mm, 4mm
Application:Read invisible ink markings
Delivery Time:2-3 Working Days
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Some people doubt that the infrared poker contact lenses with invisible ink for playing cards is really working? As a professional invisible ink glasses poker marked cards manufacturer, I promise that the infrared contact lenses for playing cards and dominos are really existing. Infrared luminous ink contact lenses are made of special material, but not all playing cards and dominos can be seen by infrared invisible ink contacts. Playing cards and dominos are also specially processed and marked, and are able to be seen at single light.

Infrared contact lenses for playing cards are generally used in magic and other entertainment. However, in some countries, using these poker cheating contact lenses in gambling is illegal. Always using different types of magic marked cards contact lenses that can see invisible ink, will make the game lose the entertainment and fun.

In poker , winning and losing is normal, but if you lose too much, that is unusual, magic infrared luminous poker contact lenses can help you identifying the number and suits of luminous ink marked cards deck, even can help you to win back. So how to wear infrared poker contact lenses? It is same as wearing ordinary contact lenses.