Personalized invisible ink contact lenses for cheating cards

perspective contact lens
perspective contact lens 9mm invisible ink perspective poker contact

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Items:Poker perspective soft contact lenses

Product Name:Invisible Ink Contact Lenses
Manufacturer:GS company
Material:Silicon hydrogel
Processed Method:Invisible ink
Application:Poker Cheating Games & Magical Shows
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Do you expect a perfect magic show? Do you want to know how to keep winning in the poker game? If you can not bear to be an always loser in the game, if you eager for a successful magic performance, the following magic trick luminous ink contact lenses for playing cards should be your best partner in the game or in the magic show.

Perspective spy invisible playing cards contact lenses is specially designed for seeing through the perspective marked playing cards. This design is not easily absorbed protein, and soft enough, so it wears comfortable and natural, so it has a clear effect in the effective time. Since the high oxygen-containing and high water content, it ensures the comfort of wearing infraed marked cards contacts.

Personalized invisible ink contact lenses for playing cards are suitable for those players who have the dark or brown eyes. Customized invisible ink contact lenses are very popular with players and magicians because their professional quality offering the best perspective effect.