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Luminous Marked Cards Contact Lenses That Can See Invisible Ink

unique invisible ink contact lenses
unique invisible ink contact lenses professional luminous ink contact lens for marked decks

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Subcategory:Infrared contact lenses

Product Name:Luminous Ink Contact Lenses
Manufacturer:GS company
Material:Silicon hydrogel
Processed Method:IR/ UV ink
Application:Poker Games & Magical Shows
Size:9mm, 7mm, 6mm, 5mm, 4mm, 3mm
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The professional marked playing cards contact lenses that can see invisible ink is used as the reader for the specific playing cards and dominos, it can not see through the common decks, only can see through the marked playing cards and processed dominos. The processed playing cards and dominos are without any difference in the appearance, feeling and weight.

The playing cards and dominos with luminous ink marks generally are made by the printed machine. But there are some players mark the playing cards by themselves with luminous ink pen, and use this unique marked playing cards contact lenses to see the marks in the game.

The ordinary poker sold in the shop is not suitable for this poker cheating contact lenses. And the best clear effect is for the red cards.

Besides marked playing cards contact lenses that can see invisible ink can be used for magic poker. It is mainly used in magic cards, guessing numbers, guessing the name. This poker cheating contact lenses is a professional magic tool with high privacy.

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