Invisible Ink Pen With Glasses

Marking cards can be processed with various methods, like marking the cards with ultimate marks accordance with the pattern on the backs of each piece of card, mark some special code on the edge sides of each piece of playing cards, using the luminous ink burned onto the back of back of card.

Nowadays, coated the invisible infrared ink onto the back sides of poker cards, the markings will conceal and nobody can detect it by naked eyes. At that time, an ultimate luminous ink glasses that can see through playing cards is need.

When search online, you can find that there are so many types of marked cards sunglasses for sale, same as the invisible ink glasses we sale, there are various grades and they have various effect when detecting the infrared ink.

The more profession the luminous ink glasses are, the procession technique and details are more exquisite. Such as the cheapest marked playing cards sunglasses we have, it is designed with the plastic frame and normal quality glass lens. And sometimes, you can find that the same glasses while their price is very different. It is because the appearance of the marked poker cards sunglasses is very easy to copy, while the most difference are between the glasses lenses they use.

Some inferior luminous ink glasses looks same as the professional one from the picture or video, buy if you buy and wear it, you will find that the vision and touch feeling bringing from the cheap one are normal or ever worse. If you try the real professional one, you can feel that you real wear a pair of the famous fashionable glasses.

Newest Invisible Ink Glasses

In daily life, after you wearing the sunglasses, the vision will turn dark and your eyes will feel comfortable, and if you are in poker game, others will not easy to know your cards by judging your expression when you looking at your own hand of cards. While for the infrared ink sunglasses, after you wearing, the vision will turn reddish while it not affect you look thinks clearly and know the invisible ink markings on the backs of cards easily, this is the professional invisible ink glasses can do.

Where to buy the professional infrared sunglasses? How can you know their read effect, here, you can know more.