Wall frame photo lamp IR camera

IR camera for backside marking playing cards
IR camera for backside marking playing cards wall frame photo luminous marked deck camera

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Items:3D wall frame photo IR lens

Color:Gold / Black
Material:Plastic / Stainless
Reading Distance:1-2 meters, 2-3 meters, 3-4 meters
Supply Ability:1000 Pcs Per Month
Delivery Time:3-6 Working Days
Application:Poker Cheating in Texas Holdem
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People will decorate their home and shop with wall paintings to make people have the visual enjoyment, and many poker club and private casino as well. People who has desire for something, he will think of many ways to achieve his purpose. And so, we produce the wall painting lamp efficient invisible marks playing cards camera for the casino game.

This wall painting lamp is in Silver color, but if you want, we can make you the golden one and any other color you need. To make sure the IR camera inside can see through its case to read the luminous marks, we use some special materials to process this wall painting lamp. From it outward appearance, you will not see any difference from the normal wall painting lamp. Please feel at ease using it.

What kinds of places are suitable for this wall painting lamp juiced marked cards IR camera? It is designed for big poker table in poker club and some private casino. And because this IR camera in wall painting lamp is not rotatable, it is used for one poker table.

If nothing happen to this wall painting lamp IR camera, it can be used for many years. You just need to check for it regularly. Twoways to support its working, one is using the power like other lamp and the other way is using battery. 

You no need to put any cheating devices on the poker table with you. Sounds really nice, right? The facts speak. Try it!