Ceiling lamp infrared lens casino cheating devices for poker room

ceiling lamp IR camera
ceiling lamp IR camera ceiling lamp ir juice markings cards camera

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Items:Daylight lamp IR camera

Product Name:Ceiling IR Camera
Color:White / Black
Reading Distance:1-6 meters
Delivery Time:2-6 Working Days
Usage:To See Infrared Cards
Application:Poker Entertainment / Casino Cheating
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All the invisible marks of IR secret juiced cards are hidden on the back. So, if we want to see the covered marks with the IR camera, the position of you hidden the infrared poker camera is needed to be higher than your poker desk. It would be perfect if the camera is set above the poker desk. And this ceiling lamp is good choice for you.

This black plastic ceiling lamp IR camera can be perfectly hidden inside the lamp if you follow our installation method. The ceiling lamp focusing function IR camera is using direct current. It means that you can use it in poker game as long as you like. There is no limited using time for this infrared marked cards camera. If something emergency occur, such as power outage, no worry that, because there is backup power for this ceiling lamp IR camera. 

And do not forget about that this is a focusing effect IR camera and rotatable, so it will focusing the hidden marks automatically, and you no need to worry about the marks are unclear on the far position.

You can tell us your requirement, so that we can recommend you the suitable working distance of this ceiling lamp marked cards camera.