4 Techniques for Poker Cheating

Poker Cheating
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It is quite necessary to know how to cheat or others may cheat first if anyone want to enjoy the poker. A words goes that Cheaters beat everything unless they get caught. Quite a lot of people like to cheat in the poker games because everyone want to win. Cheating in professional poker tournaments or private games in casinos or personal clubs is much more common than people can imagine. Some people might say "I can't cheat in casinos because I have to use their cards." or "I don't want to cheat my friends in pokers."

However, it's much more cheating than people can admit and also much higher cheating techniques than people knows.

Thus many people are wondering how can cheat in poker.

There are a lot of different strategies that poker players can use to cheat in cards games. Some methods are more aggressive than others, but all these tactics are always ongoing at poker games. For Example, false dealing, holding out, colluding with friends or marking a card and so on are some useful methods. In the article, we are going to go over some of the methods people may possible use to cheat so as to gain the unfair advantage.

1st, False Dealing

False dealing is a common method for the dealer to cheat in dealing the cards. It means to suddenly deal a card without the normal rules. For example, it's right to deal the cards one by one from the top, but sometimes the dealer deal a card from the bottom or the second top base on something that only he knows. It's not easy to detect such false deals if the dealer do it correctly. Both the second deals and bottom deals are quite commonly ways that people knows.

However, this false dealing is for the dealer only. It doesn't work for the players who don't have any partnership with the dealers. In some private games that players take turns to deal cards, False dealing might sometimes help.

2ndly, Peeking or Glimpsing

Peaking or glimpsing seems to be not that serious method of cheating for it's not easy to do this in a casino and also peaking or glimpsing makes a player look very unprofessional.

Trying to peek an opponent’s cards or at the top card or bottom card of the deck seems to be easily, but in fact it's quite difficult. By one hand, you can't see from the dealing without the dealer's help, and when meet a professional unknown dealer, you can't peek any cards at all. By the other hand, very players will protect his hands cards well, and what is more, it's very obviously if you want to peek the player's cards beside you.

So peaking or glimpsing is only a practical method in magic and is completely unworkable in poker games.

3rdly, Switching Cards

Compare with the above two methods, switching cards seems to be more personally, because it doesn't need any help from the dealers or collusion with other players. However, cards exchanging devices such as a phone or a wallet can help a lot.

Switching cards is one of the most traditionally cheating methods in the poker games. The phrase switching cards can be read literally as to change a card with another, or to bring some cards to the game and exchange them when necessary. For example, a player may possible get an Ace from his pocket, sleeve or somewhere else to change a card from his hand to make double K in his game. And if you have a phone cards exchanger, it might be easier for you to change the cards without others' notice.

Lastly, Cards Marking Techniques

According to Wikipedia, "Card marking is the process of altering playing cards in a method only apparent to marker or conspirator, such as by bending or adding visible marks to a card." Marked cards may be with visible marks though beading, knife-cutting or needle-picking, or invisible ink marks though pen writing, finger marking or machine printing.

Invisible ink marked deck is one of the most useful and practical marked cards in poker cheating. And here in this article I want to talk more about the invisible ink marked playing cards, which may including the marked decks of cards for infrared contact lenses and barcode marked cards work with phone poker analyzers. And these high quality marked decks are always marked with the advanced cards marking machine.

Marked Cards with IR Contact Lenses

The invisible ink marked cards work with infrared contact lenses is one of the most popular products for poker cheating for they come with very affordable prices and can work well. No matter what games do you play, you can get great help from this devices, as long as you can use your own playing cards. The playing cards can be marked with different models of marks, most of which can show both the numbers and suits. Thus, with a pair of infrared sunglasses or secret contact lenses, you can easy to tell each card of suit and number with the invisible marked deck.

Marked Cards with Poker Analyzer

Those marked playing cards working with phone analyzers must have the special marks on the barcode, which is much different to those on the back for contact lenses. So you don't need to worry about others can detect your marked decks while you use the set of marked cards analyzer to get the advantage. With the poker analyzer set, you can get any 3 games that you often play, or set the phone to report you cards one by one of numbers with suits or not. For the poker games such as Texas holdem, Omaha, Blackjack, Rhonda and so on, users can set it to report the best winner, second winning hands or all ranking of each hand. People can always find one most suitable according to his own game.

Above are some of the most common poker cheating techniques, other forms of cheating include preparing the deck, hand misrepresentation, angling and so on. One of the first rules of cheating in poker is to avoid getting caught. So if you want to enjoy the poker fairy, you can try to see if there're any cheaters first.