Barcode Poker Hand Analyzer For Barcode Invisible Ink Pai Gow Tiles

Marked Pai Gow Analyzer System For Sale
Marked Pai Gow Analyzer System For Sale poker analyzer for marked barcode pai gow tiles

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Items:Pai Gow Analyzer System Phone

Color:Black / White
Scanning Distance8-15cm, 10-20cm, 20-40cm, 40-60cm, 60-80cm
Frequency:AKK & CVK & PK King
Delivery Time:3-5 Working Days
Application:Dominos Games, Magic Shows
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When refer to Pai Gow games, what will be the first up to your mind? I think Win is what everybody wants. As a professional manufacturer of entertainment products, we specialize in developing and selling all kinds of gambling trick tools for various entertainment games. The Pai Gow game is one of them.

Here, we would like to introduce the professional Pai Gow analyzer software which can predict the Pai Gow game result in advance.

Different from the contact lenses marked Pai Gow which can detect the invisible ink markings on infrared contact lenses and luminous ink glasses, the luminous ink for marking barcode marked Pai Gow is another new developed infrared ink, this is only can be found by the special infrared poker camera(different from those camera for scanning the barcode marked cards), that is, even you wear a professional luminous contact lenses that can see through the playing cards or ultimate IR glasses can see invisible ink, you can't find any markings.

How to use the barcode Pai Gow analyzer to forecast the game result?

To know the Pai Gow game result with this precise analyzer system, there are some items else you need to work with, a fine barcode Pai Gow tiles, mini earpiece, poker camera scanner with various scanning distance range (if you are the dealer and the phone is allow to place on the table, the hidden built-in poker scanner can meet your need, no necessary to work with exterior camera).

When the barcode marked Pai Gow tiles are shuffled and prepare to deal,

  1. the concealable poker scanner camera will scan and grab the invisible barcode image on the finely processed barcode Pai Gow tiles and transmit them to the Pai Gow analyzer;
  2. with accurate and advanced image recognition technology, after receiving the barcode information, the sophisticated analyzing software inside poker analyzer phone will analysis and calculate the exact game result within 1 seconds accordance with the game ruler you set;
  3. there are 3 ways you can receive the game result: (1) by mini earpiece. This is the most convenient and classical way only connected the mini earpiece with the phone via Bluetooth function, you can hear the result, directly and effectively; (2). by vibrator. This is mainly accordance to the different vibration frequency of vibrators. If the first winner and second winner is No.2 and No.4, the second vibrator will vibrate firstly and the fourth vibrator after; (3). by time mode. By this way, you can see the winner on the phone screen with the number form, if the best winner and second winner is 4 and 5, you can see the second number of the minute is 4 and the second number of the seconds is 5.

If you are the very first time to use this set, please practice more before using it in real games.

Why Choose Buy Pai Gow Cheating Device From GS?

When it comes to buying the luminous ink marked Pai Gow tiles, you can approach our company because the professional quality of products, to achieve 100% customer satisfaction while providing the best possible service and highest integrity deserve your trust.

As the leading entertainment products manufacturer in China, we have developed various kinds of Marked Pai Gow tiles which processed with the latest technology and professional technicians. We have always devoted ourselves to developing and improving more methods for marked Pai Gow tiles to satisfy our customer requirements and demands. If you are a fan of the Pai Gow games, hoping we can get a win-win situation from our cooperation.

The whole set Pai Gow analyzer program includes:

  • Analyzer system (phone)
  • Mini Bluetooth earpiece
  • 2 rechargeable batteries

Supported language: Chinese and English

If you have any question about this Pai Gow analyzer set and want to get more information, please contact our professional sales.

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