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Poker cheating tools spy earpiece battery

invisible ink playing cards spy earpiece
invisible ink playing cards spy earpiece marked playing cards earpiece battery

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Product Name:Spy Earpiece Battery

Maker:GS Company

Available Color:silver


Application:Charging earpieces

Supply Ability:1000 Pics a Month

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Infrared marking poker cards, IR playing cards camera, invisible barcode marking cards scanner and poker winner analyzer software, when you use these kinds of marked luminous playing cards product, you will use playing cards spy earpiece at the same time.

Marked cards earpiece is not like invisible ink playing cards or marked IR poker cards, it can be used as long as it is broken. And it is not like playing cards marked cards camera, it no needs to charge. When its battery is running low, all you need to do is opening it and replace its tiny battery.

Because the size of the spy earpiece itself is very very small, so the size of its battery is really small, too. One piece of marked playing cards earpiece can be used for about several hours.

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