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KEM Paisley cheat poker with luminous markings

playing cards kem paisley invisible juice cards
playing cards kem paisley invisible juice cards kem paisley cards with advanced luminous markings KEM Paisley cheat poker with luminous markings

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Material:100% Plastic
Color:Red / Blue / Gold / Black
Size:Wide Size / Narrow Size
Marking:UV / IR / Barcode
Delivery Time:2-5 Working Days
Application:Poker Casino Cheat
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Lazy is the nature of human beings, so sometimes you have to force yourself, or you will never know how great your potential is. Meanwhile, you should be resourceful enough, and then the chance to realize your dream will be improved greatly. What resourceful mean in poker games? It may means using some tools in the game. Using our KEM Paisley wide size marked cards is a reflection of being resourceful.

First, KEM Paisley playing cards are the best playing cards in the world, for they are very good quality cards, using KEM cards make the games more enjoyable. Second, KEM Paisley wide size marked cards with special invisible ink marks that can be see only with our contact lenses, the owner of them are easier to win the game. Finally, they are easy to handle, no one can notice the marks with naked eyes, and no one would notice that you had wore contact lenses.

100% plastic KEM Paisley marked cards are plastic cards with bridge size cards, they have regular and jumbo index, the effects the marks we made on both KEM nice, you can always use them to enjoy your games.

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