Poker cheating tools YT 468 wireless poker two way radio

GS infrared poker two way radio
GS infrared poker two way radio gs cards wireless two way radio with spy earpiece

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Items:Marked cards walkie talkie

Brand:YT 468 Analyzer Walkie-talkie

Origin:GS Company

Available Color:White & Gold


Working Hour:10 hours

Receiving Distance:1- 50m

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YT 468 poker hand analyzer walkie-talkie is a poker cards tricks device, working with IR ink marked cards earpiece to receiving analyzing results.

The transmission distance of this YT 468 marked cards walkie-talkie is 50 meters.

As long as the signal receiver is within 50 meters from the playing cards walkie-talkie, the transmission voice is clear and stable. Furthermore, you can choose different channel to connect the spy earpiece.

Both of the marked deck walkie-talkie and transmission receiver can be used 10 hours at one time, under the circumstance of fully charged.