Wall frame photo special luminous ink cards lens

special ink marking poker wall frame photo camera
special ink marking poker wall frame photo camera wall frame photo lens for special juice ink cards

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Items:3D wall frame photo IR lens

Product Name:Wall Frame Photo Lens
Material:Plastic & Paper
Scanning Distance:1-2m, 2.5-3m, 3-4m
Delivery Time:2-5 Working Days
Application:Poker Trick, Magic Show, Home Playing, Friends Gathering
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If you know about invisible ink marked cards, you will know the difference between normal IR marked decks and special (also called IR3) marks playing cards. And this wall painting poker camera is dedicated for IR3 juiced cards.

Although the wall painting is just the outer covering of the undetectable marks playing cards, it is made of special material, so that the camera can see through the painting and won't cause others attention. 

This infrared camera is for stable position poker table, so when it zoom in or zoom out, the monitoring image may not so clear; but compare with the zoom lens, this one is small in size and more secretive. 

There is a master switch on the infrared marked camera, but there also a remote control for you turn on the camera. And you can use the camera as long as you like, because it uses cable plug to supply power.

To be honest, if your private poker room is bigger enough to place three or more poker table, we suggest you the changeable focal length camera. Just with one marked cards camera, you can monitor the all the poker table in room.