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UV light invisible ink pen poker cheating tools

GS marked cards invisible ink pen
GS marked cards invisible ink pen uv ink pen for marking playing cards

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Subcategory:UV Light Invisible Ink Pen

Product NameGS UV Ink Pen


Available Color:White

Application:Poker Cheating Games & Magic Shows

Deliver Time:3-5 working days

Supply Ability:1000 Pics a Month

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UV light invisible ink pen can mark playing cards. Some poker players and magician had tried to make invisible ink pen, but the results are not satisfactory.

How to get a professional luminous ink pen?

GS marked cards juice deck invisible ink pen is a best choice for you. Having ten years experience in marking playing cards with luminous ink, GS Marked Cards has advanced and proven technique in making UV light invisible ink for ultimate marked deck.

If you want a technical and advanced marked poker cards UV pen, GS Marked Cards Company always will not let you down.

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