Modiano Club Bridge Perspective Ink Marked Cards

modiano club bridge luminous ink marked cards
modiano club bridge luminous ink marked cards modiano club bridge perspective ink marked cards

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Items:Modiano marked poker cards

Color:Red / Blue
Size:Bridge Size
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Application:Poker Trick, Magic Show, Home Playing
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Our Modiano Club Bridge perspective ink marked deck is produced to satisfy poker players' needs, and packed with features such as excellent durability, wonder shape retention. Perspective ink marked deck refers to the use of infrared contact lenses to see through the invisible ink marks on the back of the playing cards.

Product Features:
When participating in a poker game, the quality of the deck of poker cards you employ is a crucial key to the enjoyment of players. Our Modiano Club Bridge marked cards feature excellent thickness and wonderful shape retention for playing and long lifespan, as well as vivid eye-catching colors and special texture unlike that of any other plastic invisible ink marked cards.

  1. Thickness: In the market today, Modiano brands' plastic cards are heavier also thicker than others. Once you deal our invisible ink Modiano Club marked cards in the poker games, can you feel the unique substantial feel that only provided by Modiano.
  2. Durability: Modiano Club Bridge marked cards are 100% plastic playing cards, it will often last up to 100 times longer than those playing poker cards made from paper or plastic coated.
  3. Texture: Compared with those plastic cards which aiming for the smoothness, the invisible ink Modiano Club Bridge marked playing cards is a type of textured card with a firm grip and less slidable card, it means that they are easy to shuffle and deal without slipping from your hand.
  4. Color: Modiano Club Bridge plastic invisible ink marked cards pop with color. Now, red & blue, green & brown set are available in our store.
  5. Size: Our Modiano Club Bridge contact lenses marked card is 3.5 inches tall by 2.25 inches wide, known as narrow or bridge size.

The Modiano Club Bridge perspective ink marked cards have a lot of advantages for people who play poker game frequently.

For one, our Modiano Club Bridge marked cards are processed by professional technicians through advanced machines, hence, we can say without hesitation that our Modiano Club Bridge poker's back marks can be seen clearly via infrared contact lenses or glasses, but can’t be seen through our naked eyes.

For another, after processing, the Modiano Club Bridge invisible ink contact lenses marked cards will be clean, also packed with brand new wrapping paper and look the same as the new clean decks.

Therefore, you don’t need to worry that will be suspected when you use it. When combined these qualities coalesce to make the invisible ink marked Modiano Club perspective cards the chosen playing decks for a great deal of players everywhere.

Poker fans said that our perspective ink marked Modiano Club poker cards reduced their failure in casino they experienced with common poker cards, and they like the luck bring by it. Keep your winning poker hand while playing poker games with the invisible ink Modiano Club Bridge marked cards right now!