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Plastic marked Bicycle cards

Plastic marked Bicycle playing cards
Plastic marked Bicycle playing cards plastic bicycle magic trick marked deck

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Color:Red / Blue
Material:100% Plastic
Size:Poker Size
Marking:UV / IR
Application:Magic Show


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Magic show is very cool because few audience know the secret of it, especially in poker cards show, the magicians can change the scene in a very short time, and can guess the cards counts from the back of the playing cards, actually, they are not prophet, but some magic tricks help.

Marked magic trick playing cards is a kind of useful magic tool usually used in magic shows, among all the cards that can be used in magic show, marked Bicycle cards is a famous poker cards brand.

Because nowadays many people like watch magic show to relax and marked magic trick playing cards are so popular by magicians, our company provide many marked magic trick playing cards, of course plastic Bicycle marked cards are also provided by us, plastic marked Bicycle cards are durable and the invisible marks are luminous when you wearing our marked playing cards contact lenses. Giving magic show will be easier when you can see the marks made on the back of plastic marked Bicycle cards. Also, winning poker games will be easier as well since you know others’ cards counts. So you had better buy some plastic marked Bicycle playing cards from us.

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