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Smart Wristband Watches Poker Camera Work With PK Poker Analyzer

Smart Sport Hand Rings For AKK Playing Cards Analyzer Smart Sport Hand Rings For AKK Playing Cards Analyzer

Many people said that the marked cards cheating devices are commonly and known by all people, not safe to use, and need to find some newest products which is safe and will not cause the attention of others. Here, we would like to introduce one of the newest developed cheating kits, sport wristband poker camera scanner, to you all.

This new comer playing cards scanning camera features tiny and finely wrought outlook and exquisite interior design. In daily life, this poker scanner camera plays a monitor role to tracking the sport status of your exercise and shows the time. While in playing card games, through the secret poker scanner switcher, giving a full play of the role of this sport hand rings in scanning the barcode marked cards to catch the invisible ink playing cards information for any poker hand analyzer, CVK poker analyzer, PK King poker analyzer, AKK poker analyzer, iPhone poker analyzer and so much more.

Conscientiously, the best poker analyzer device to work with sport smart wristband is AKK poker analyzer (so do many other poker scanners), compared with other poker analyzer software, the AKK poker analyzer system is highly recommended because the more stable working performance and can be analyze the marked cards even they are scanned in very inclined angle (others can't), contributing to the effectiveness and veracity of predicted game result.

With this exquisite GS KTZ smart sport smartwatches poker scanner camera, poker analyzer owners no need to place the analyzer device on the poker table to cause the notice of other players or recognized by other users with the same devices. Sport smart hand rings playing cards scanning camera with a shrewd tiny poker camera lens inside with a view of reading the barcode marked playing cards secretly and deliver the most valid barcode data to poker analyzer program center to calculate the outcomes.

Sport Wristband Watch Poker analyzer Scanner

The characteristics of activity trackers wristband are followings (but not limited),

Poker Scanner Camera High Compatibility

The smart sport wristband playing cards camera is in compatible with all versions of poker analyzer devices, CVK playing cards analyzer, PK King poker analyzer device, AKK poker analyzer software and so forth.

Playing Cards Scanning Camera High-Level Safety and Fashionable

The wristband's strap is made of the Non-Toxic silica gel which benefits the device in an optimum fit and high security. The finely-designed outward appearance and intuitive and simple APP UI offer unique elegant aesthetics, comfort, accessibility and practicality.

Poker Camera Lens Versatility and Innovation

Features daily purposes and time reminder, it means you can use it as a regular smart wristband, and when you plan to playing poker games, there is a secret button to control the switch of playing cards camera to scanning the barcode marked poker cards. This new developed action provides multi-functions and usefulness to fashionable scanner.

Poker Hole Card Camera Long-endurance

Wristband poker card scanner is long lasting, furthermore, there are several standby rechargeable batteries for replacing.

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