Da Vinci Route Marked Cards Magic

The famous magic playing cards in magicians is Bicycle playing cards and Bee poker cards. But I am proud of telling you that our Da Vince Route marked cards are the best magic cards so far in the market. For the safety and customer user experience, we use the origin cards to mark with invisible ink. The markings are incorporated into the back image so that they do not attract attention when fleeting.

Except for magic use, Da Vinci Route poker marked cards can be used for cards cheating, especially in Texas Holdem, Omaha and Blackjack. As we all know that the card marking made by marked cards printer are really stable, clear and lasting. If you ask for the model of big number in the middle of the playing cards, even in 3 meters away, you still can see the invisible markings clearly, provided that you wear our luminous contact lenses.