Marked Cards

Marked cards is an altering playing cards which only can be detected by the marker, owner or conspirator. The procession of marking this magic cards is card making, mainly by bending or adding infrared ink printing.

Marked cards usually be used to cheat when gambling or playing poker magic show. Because of the high-level confidential, except from the owner or their partner who have special marked cards poker detector, such as infrared contact lenses, infrared sunglasses lens, playing cards scanning camera.

How to mark a marked deck of cards? Some poker player prefer to buy the invisible ink for playing cards, however, when marking cards with invisible ink, there are some points need to know about. The poker cards are various, and if you want to mark cards perfectly, you need different best invisible ink formula to meet different cards need. That is why most of people like buying the cards from marked cards factory directly. Instead of marking cards in poker by hand, the marked cards factory have stringent marking card deck device set, the marked playing cards made by this magic machine are all in professional quality.