Scanner blackjack shoe casino cheat device for barcode poker

poker scanning system blackjack shoe
poker scanning system blackjack shoe poker scanner analyzer blackjack shoe

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Items:Camera for barcode marked decks

ProductBlackjack Shoe Scanner


Material:100% Plastic

Available Color:Black & Transparent

Scanning Distance:10-20cm, 20-30cm,

Application:Poker Games & Magic Shows

Delivery Time:3-5 Working Days

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Nothing you can learn well in a short time, such as cards tricks in baccarat game. But here is tool to help you do well. It is scanner analyzer blackjack shoe.

The playing cards scanner is hidden inside blackjack shoe. It is used to scan the luminous ink barcode marking poker. A signal transmitter is set behind, for sending monitoring image from poker camera. After the receiver accepts the monitoring image, you can use marked cards walkie-talkie and spy earpiece to hear scanning result.

This scanner analyzer blackjack shoe is different from remote control blackjack shoe; it does not have the function of dealing the next playing cards. But it can report you the final result or reporting five cards at one time.

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